NDM Heath Ltd. offers a range of services. Our small size and breadth of experience means we can tailor our approach according to your needs, whether your focus is environmental, social, financial or aesthetic. Please see below for our full range of services.

We have a particular expertise in upgrading traditional (pre-1919) and conservation-grade buildings, and can provide all of the below services to focus on these stock types.

Energy, CO2 & cost analysis

Analysis of upgrade strategies to assess current and target building performance. Covers SAP, energy, CO2 and running costs, coupled with ‘reality check’ analysis to address rebound effects

Feasibility Studies
Desk- and site-based assessments to identify the most suitable upgrade strategies for different stock types. Tailored to fit individual clients, buildings, occupants and communities
Financial Appraisals

Cost-benefit analysis identifying financially optimal low-carbon upgrade strategies for different building and user types. Assessment of capital costs and savings, funding streams and income generation schemes

Guides & Reporting

Energy & Sustainability Statements; Technical guidance and reports; Building upgrade strategies; Planning and conservation policy content; Further support for housing development planning applications

Modelling & Compliance

PHPP, SAP & RdSAP assessments & EPCs for new-build and refurbishment projects; BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment assessments; U- & Psi-value calculations; 2D thermal bridge analysis; hygrothermal moisture assessment


Quantitative and qualitative research covering all aspects of retrofitting existing housing stock, from technical assessments to environmental and behavioural analysis. Includes desk-based, action-based and face-to-face research methods

Technical Support

Holistic, whole-building technical support and guidance on energy efficiency, renewable energy and wider sustainability options, from light-touch to Certified Passivhaus standard



Development and delivery of standard & bespoke courses, covering all aspects of sustainable energy in existing buildings. Tailored to all levels, from academics and professionals to householders